Interview for the broadcast "Il Quotidiano" of the RSI - Radiotelevisione Svizzera.
In this interview we talk about quality craftsmanship: violin making.

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Meeting Giorgio Napolitano, the Italian President.

The China exhibition in Shangai lasted for six months; it took place from May 1st to October 31st, 2010.
A total of 192 countries had their pavilions displayed overlooking both sides of the river Huangpu that crosses the city of Shangai.
 A total of 50 international organizations also took part in this exhibition.
The Consortium of luthiers of Cremona participated in this universal exhibition. People could see a group of violin makers from the renowned city of Stradivari exhibit their skills while making instruments from scratch, and I was glad to be one of them.
In the photo, I am behind the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano. Also in the photo, there is Roberto Formigoni, President of the Lombardy Region, and Guido Podestà, President of the Province of Milan.
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Interview of a German colleague Jost Thöne Violins

On a German colleague's website you can find my presentation and an interview in Italian with German subtitles which presents my story and my work.
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The Consortium of Violinmakers

The Consortium of Violinmakers, "Antonio Stradivari" of Cremona, started in 1996 with the intent to promote contemporary work that follows the traditional art of violinmaking.
The Consortium is in Cremona, the town of Stradivari, Amati, and Guarnieri, the most important masters of the past. Their art is well known and admired in the whole world, and it continues to inspire contemporary Violinmakers.
About sixty members are part of the Consortium, and they all come from Cremona. To protect the work of Violinmakers, the Consortium, together with the Chamber of Commerce and
craftsmanship's organizations, have created the registered "Cremona Violinmaking" trademark.
This trademark is a guarantee that the registered instrument is handmade by a professional master from Cremona.
The Consortium provides a database of all instruments sold with the "Cremona Violinmaking" trademark; this allows constant checking of their authenticity.
The trademark is fundamental to protect all instruments from Cremona from the danger of counterfeits. It also guarantees transparency on the market and safety for the public.

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Stradivari - The Museum of the Violin

In the Museum of the Violin, you will discover the history of five centuries of violins making from the town of Cremona by its renowned masters, such as Amati, Stradivari, and Guarnieri. You will be able to follow a balanced trace of art, craftsmanship, creativity, and tradition from the late Renaissance to our modern times.
Visitors will be able to enjoy concerts and auditions with original instruments as well as multi-media installations, and a rich collection of documents.
The Museum of Violin is a place where you can give space to dreams, and experience deep emotions coming from instruments, sounds, images, and even smells.