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Hornung Pascal - Maestro Liutaio
My passion for music started when I was very young living with my family in Milan. My mom was a pianist who graduated from the Conservatory of Bienne (Switzerland), while my dad played the violin. In the house, classical music was often playing, and I remember enjoying it a lot. At the age of six, I begged my mom to take me to violin lessons. Being so little, I started playing with a violin that looked almost like a toy. This is when I first came in touch with a violin maker. I still remember to this day to be mesmerized by all the tools, violins and other instruments that were all over his lab. When it was time for High School, I decided to move to Cremona -the well-known town of Stradivari- to attend the International School of Violin-Making. I had decided I would rather become a violin maker than a musician. I wanted to combine my forever passion for working with my hands, and my still existing love for music. After graduating in 1986, I perfected the art of violin making under the guidance of Master Conia. A year later, I attended a bowed instrument restoration course held by the “Regione Lombardia” and later on, one organized by the Consortium of Violinmakers Antonio Stradivari. I am presently working in Switzerland. My lab is close to the Conservatory of Music in Lugano, and I am privileged to work for a lot of musicians. I firmly believe that the art of making violins, violas, and cellos is a never-ending learning experience. On a personal level, making instruments and working with musicians has helped me grow a lot as a person, and I am looking forward to getting to reach out to more people through my work.
Ancient Tradition

The culture of “knowledge and violin making of the Cremonese tradition” UNESCO World Heritage Site


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My Diplomas

During the years of study and subsequently of career I have achieved several diplomas