My Instruments 
More than thirty years in the making of violins, violas, and cellos, I continue to put my heart and soul in this art that has become part of my life.
I make each one of my instruments by hand from beginning to end, choosing the best woods and applying the numerous coats of varnish.
I consider an instrument completed when I get a very rich, warm sound out of it.
My instruments have been life-changing to successful musicians and I feel excited to be part of this accomplishment. 

The violin is a musical instrument of the string family, equipped with four strings tuned at fifth intervals. It is the smallest and most acute tool among the members of his family.


The instrument is similar to the violin, but about 15-20% larger and, unlike the latter, it does not have a standard size. It has four strings tuned for fifths, one fifth under the violin, compared to which it also has a deeper and less brilliant timbre; it is therefore an octave above the cello.


The cello is a musical instrument of the group of roped strings (bowed), belonging to the string family; it is equipped with four strings, tuned at right fifth intervals. They have 'F' cuts on the soundboard.